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Pillars of Justice


All-Americans at Cornell



Erik Szakiel (Sophomore)

Steven Torres (Senior)


Joshua Sims (Freshman)

Danny Shokry (Freshman)

Steven Torres (Junior)

James Pinchak (Senior)


Jack Smet (Senior)


Cáit O'Neill (Senior)


Laura Bach (Sophomore, Double All-American)

Jessica Borenstein (Senior)


Samir Doshi (Senior)​


Preston Postlewaite (Senior)

Debra McElligott (Senior)


Benjamin Arfa (Senior)

Anatoly Rozental (Senior)​



Alex Bowerman (Senior)

Preston Postlewaite (Sophomore)​



Marni Aronson (Senior)

Marble Steps


March 7, 2024

With a two-week turnaround from Regionals, Cornell then flew to Geneva, Illinois for a fun and successful ORCS to end off the season!

February 17, 2024

After a wonderful fall season, Cornell suited up for Regionals at Buffalo University, where they took home 2 individual awards and an open bid to ORCS! Congratulations to Robert Winslow and Sahil Venkatesan for their awards.

December 3, 2023

Mock Trial at Cornell concluded a very successful invitational season for 2023, with each team taking home a trophy from every tournament they attended! Team 1239 took home second-place awards from Binghamton's Bearcat Invitational and Seton Hall's Pirate Invitational. Congratulations to Kamala Karrupiah for taking home an attorney award! Team 1238 took home a fourth-place award from Binghamton's Bearcat Invitational and a second-place award from Temple's Hooter Invitational. Congratulations to Sahil Venkatesan, Nicole Fan, Sydney Fish, and Alex Gardocki for taking home individual awards during the invitational season!

November 5, 2023

Mock Trial at Cornell hosted its own tournament this weekend. Congratulations to Michigan State University for taking home the first-place win!

March 12, 2023

Two teams from Mock Trial at Cornell competed at the Washington D.C. ORCS. Team 1194 achieved a record of 5 wins, placing them in a six-way tie for the final bid to Nationals until that tie was broken using CS. A special congratulations to Lauren Greenberg for winning an individual witness award!


February 26, 2023

Two teams from Mock Trial at Cornell advanced to ORCS - Team 1193 and Team 1195. A special congratulations to Lauren Greenberg, Robert Winslow, Caroline Colclasure, Cathryn Lamour, and Spencer Thieme for winning individual awards!

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