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Cornell All-Americans


Erik Szakiel (Sophomore)

Steven Torres (Senior)


Joshua Sims (Freshman)

Danny Shokry (Freshman)

Steven Torres (Junior)

James Pinchak (Senior)


Jack Smet (Senior)


Cáit O'Neill (Senior)


Laura Bach (Sophomore, Double All-American)

Jessica Borenstein (Senior)



Samir Doshi (Senior)


Preston Postlewaite (Senior)

Debra McElligott (Senior)


Benjamin Arfa (Senior)

Anatoly Rozental (Senior)


Alex Bowerman (Senior)

Preston Postlewaite (Sophomore)


Marni Aronson (Senior)


April 22, 2018

Cornell Mock Trial placed two teams in the Top 10 at the National Championships in Minneapolis, MN. Team 1055 took 9th place, and Team 1056 took 4th place. This is the first time in the program's history that two teams have placed in the Top 10! Four members took home All-American awards as Cornell became one of only two schools in the nation to place two teams in the Top 10. 


March 25, 2018

For the second time in 3 years, Cornell Mock Trial won two bids to the National Championships. Cornell is one of only seven schools in the country to send two teams to Nationals. Furthermore, Josh Sims won an individual witness award and Steven Torres won an individual attorney award. 


February 25, 2018

All three of Cornell Mock Trial's teams won bids to the Opening Round Championship Series (ORCS) this weekend. A special congratulations to James Pinchak, Muhammad Mustafa, Dhruv Kumar, Steven Torres, Hannah Subega, Ben Lee, Emma LoMastro, and Ryan McCurry for winning individual awards!


January 28, 2018

Cornell Mock Trial hosted its own tournament this weekend. Congratulations to NYU for taking home the first place win! Further congratulations to Cornell Team 1055 for taking 2nd and Cornell Team 1056 for taking 4th. 

November 13, 2017

Cornell Mock Trial concluded a very successful invitational season for 2017! Team 1055 won 1st place at Tuft's Mumbo Jumbo Tournament, 1057 won 2nd place at Haverford College, and Team 1056 won 7th place at CUBAIT. 

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