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"Can I try out even if I haven’t done mock trial before?"


Absolutely! Several of our most successful members had never done mock trial before Cornell. We will take care of teaching you all the essential skills and training you for the competitions.




"Can I join even if I’m not interested in law?"


Yes, mock trial develops analytical, communication, and acting skills that are applicable to a variety of organizations and careers. Members of the team have been from nearly all majors and from all Cornell colleges.




"If I do mock trial, will I still be able to participate in other extracurricular organizations?"


Definitely. All of our members are involved in a variety of other student groups and activities such as fraternities, sororities, and campus organizations. Although we do spend plenty of time practicing, you will have more than enough time to succeed academically and in other organizations.




"What is the mock trial season like?"


The Cornell Mock Trial program begins its season in late September, immediately after holding tryouts and inducting new members. Throughout the fall, teams develop their case theory and work together as a cohesive group. The program then sends its teams to a variety of invitational tournaments hosted by different universities across the country. We even host our own tournament known as BRIC, the Big Red Invitational Classic, which is highly competitive and hosts around thirty strong teams. The results of these invitational tournaments do not have an effect on national standings, though are great practice. Then beginning in February, Cornell Mock Trial sends its three teams to the regional competitions. Based on the results of those competitions, the program might send as many as two teams (the limit set by the American Mock Trial Association) to the National Championship Tournament in mid-April. And of course in between this season of practice and tournaments, we spend a great amount of time having fun and becoming great friends!

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